Faces Inside Masks

Today was a day of revelations – both pleasant and stunning. I confronted a person and the character hidden inside that human (i feel i shouldn’t use this noble word here) made me think. The soul left me with a question in my mind that there are people of even this category in this world.

That person was not an exception. Today I was going through a blog, by a teenager, and she too left me with a volley of question in my mind. I was thinking why one needs to pretent ? Show the world what u r and what ur views are ! If your thoughts are good then you don’t need to limit then just within you. And if they are not worth expressing then they are not worth thinking too..mind it !!

(P.S. : Dynamite, this one for you. You compare those ppl to chameleons. God. .chameleons r far better than them. Well, is it really me who is expressing such notions !)


  1. Sara · March 16, 2013

    sahi likha yaar chameleons are much and far better thn those persons………….

  2. prachi · March 16, 2013

    shi hai yar………..

    • Aastha Chaurasia · March 17, 2013

      Sara and Prachi : Thanks for your support . Such instances keep occuring in our lives.

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