Time is relative. It seems a while ago I entered this college, and my second semesters are almost at their end!

Inbetween 8-4 classes time passed, somehow. College life is fun, it evokes a sense of achievement, for it is the result of two years of toil. And that’s exactly the reason that fuels your laziness and excuses.

College gives you an opportunity to rewrite your academic and social life. The new layout of life is totally a voluntary choice decided by your principles, passion and priorities.

For the whole first semester and half of second enjoying life was my priority . (I trust your smartness to decipher how my life has been 😉 )

Now with exams nearby priorities have reshuffled for sure!

I have two roomies- R and P, and believe me, life is hell of fun with them. Aaket is having his final exams and he will be leaving Delhi by end of this month.I have succesfully learnt to the ‘art of becoming owl’, at the same time I go on morning walks too. (Highly Recommended!)

Rest of the things are in complete rest.

Until next time.



The Inside Story

How many of you are here… unwillingly ?

The question came as a shock. We were done with our tutorial session on Carbohydrate Metabolism and sat flipping through the volume of book. And all  of sudden our teacher, a senior resident, spoke.

This was not our first encounter with the question. We were greeted with the same question very first day,but today,  two month later, some answers had changed!

There was a boy who daily  regretted letting go his seat in IIT. (IIT is the most prestigious engineering college in India.)

One among  us, if given chance to rewrite his life, would have definitely opted commerce.  Not that medical syllabus doesn’t interest him, but life would have been must easier, he reasoned.

And there were ones who aspired to take Science and out of Medical and Engineering , the two most sought options, they decided the former.

I took a deep breath and reflected on my own decision. To be honest, Life as medical student is not that great ( it’s never going to be that fancy college life) but I know, with it’s ups and downs,  it’s going to be a great journey and I am really hopeful for it. 

(Someday I will definitely write an in-depth post regarding my medical life!)


The story of every student 😉


Received on Whatsapp ;p

Random Jot


Recent addition in my room

After five and a half days of wild chase, Saturday afternoons feel like blessing.

And right now, standing in balcony, I feel the itch to fetch words hidden in random  corners and glue them all together. 

I know they won’t come without a little effort…but I love Hide and Seek!😁

(Note: Using brains while reading this post is a crime! 😜)