Five Years of Expression



Five years back, out of curiosity, this journey began and now almost an indispensable part of my life.

Hope to share more with you.
Thanks for being a part of Smile and Tears. . .😄 

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The New Journey Begins. .

(Finally) I have made transition from medical aspirant to doctor-in-making.
                   ☺ 😇   😊

Third day  of college but first night at hostel it is. Last three days were all about orientations and tours to departmental museums, libraries and laboratories. But pretty soon I’ll be dissecting cadavers and pricking myself ‘boldly’ to collect blood sample to learn haematology.

Looking forward to all the ‘thrills’ medical line has instore for me! Really hopeful for upcoming days.

(Where else do you get 250 classmates and survive 7 lectures a day !  😑)


The view from Balcony

What’s in the name?

This is what my name can tell about my personality.
Generated via:

Best abilities are open mindedness, charm and a free spirit. Areas that still need some work are instability or recklessness. Adaptable to all new environments, always on the lookout for adventure and change. Movement and freedom bring pure joy to your life. Just as daily routines and monotony bring you down. The life path number five has a boundless and inexhaustible source of energy that is sometimes difficult to channel . Hyperactivity can be a blessing and a curse depending of your path. But thanks to your incredible talent for interactions and ability to express yourself in public you excel in many areas .Coupled with an irresistible charm your alertness will lead you to be the center of attention,which is something you greatly enjoy…

I think they are 80% true 🙂


Sometimes I look back at how my life has changed and just smile.. 🙂 🙂 Happy with where I am and where I aspire to go. On my way to become one of them- the scientific magicians in white coat possessing the magical powerto erase pain. Wish me all the best.