Pep Talk

I felt so strange while typing the title. Actually I had decided to write this more than week ago, but, then suddenly I felt that I don’t need words to make me more lively. And today I feel that I desperately need it. The question arises ‘why ?’ And this time I got an answer (or reason) for this.

My Summative exams are going to begin from next Sunday. So after much musings, I decided I’ll complete my Science yesterday. I aimed to go thoroughly through all the 8 chapters. This was decided at 4 p.m. . By 7p.m. I reduced it to 3 chapters and by 8p.m. the no. decreased to 1- the chapter- diversity in living organisms. And you may be surprised to know after reading till 9 p.m. I was only able to complete 5 pages. Looking back at the book I said, ‘Shame on you, Aastha.’ Later I concluded that this is ‘The Diversity in Living Organisms’. LOL. Different people have different level of learning capacity. Actually yesterday I didn’t get much time to read. (a lame excuse). Today too I have aimed to complete Science after deliberating for a long time. And I hope this time my aim will not suffer ‘deacceleration due to gravity ‘. Hahah. 🙂


  1. prachi · August 9, 2013

    nice one……….

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