Towards patriotism . . .

Whenever i listen  the word ‘NEPAL’ on any Indian News Channel , from any Indian media which are totally {even partially} not related with ‘Nepal‘ the picture of  ‘Museum turned Royal Palace’ comes to my mind.

I have not really been able to understand till now why it comes ? Maybe it is the side effect of Monarchy  rule which was waived in last 2004 or it can be equally true that the word ‘NEPAL’ or  ‘नेपाल ‘ is itself too royal .

One thing that changed in myself ,being a resident of Nepal from last 7  years was change in my attitude towards Nepal . Previously when i used to tag NEPAL as a country having no Load-shedding , lots of strikes , Maoists {to whom in early stages of my life  i considered same as Aatankwadi  or the terrorist } , bomb blast {which i guess were very common until 2008 } and – and – and how can i forget King and Queen .But now my views have changed to Nepal as a country of frequently changing P.M. , abundant Police or so called  ‘प्रहरी  ‘ . Now-a-days  present situation of Nepal is making {encouraging } me to add ‘a country without constitution ‘ also in its tag but ‘constitution’ at this stage of life doesn’t matter me much .

The girl , Aastha


who at first didn’t had much respect towards Nepal   now has a great AASTHA{love} and affection towards it {she used Negative words to describe Nepal is another thing }. Isn’t it a positive change .A positive step towards patriotism ?

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