just a try . . .

After writing a lot of  articles this month , most of them about “LIFE”   i  decided  to quote my feelings in poem and this was just a try to get rid of useless writings and make available my friends something new…………………..  I have no title for this poem . Suggestions for title are welcomed. . 

“Day and Night  ;  Night and day ,

to- and -fro  ; in my life bay

you gave me something new

felt as if a cold wind blew

Bitter experiences made me clever

and the love of people

made me fly in the air

but when i realized my real place

there always had been a late

O Generator ! O Operator !

why you made me a strange character

Positive things i can’t bear

Negative things result in tear !

Whenever shared my happiness with other

found a response far from better

but i expect really Lord !
if they could be true

Spoken from their heart

Thanks for the unexpected smile

and the tears
which were in pile

At last one thing i wanna say

Give smile n tears on my fac
Don’t let my life be a
EMPTY VASE  !! !! !!

give smile and tears on my face , don't let it be an empty vase !!

                           THANK YOU


  1. Reema Ghosh · December 1, 2011


  2. prachi · December 3, 2011

    kya baat hai ayesha

  3. Aastha Chaurasia · July 24, 2012

    thanks to both of u !

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