revealing moment . .

Today on 27/11/2011 at 9:28 a.m. when i asked Nepali teacher about ” माओवादी जनयुद्ध ”    and sir started  explaining how Maoists proposed their proposals to  ‘शेर बहादुर देउआ’ but he didn’t gave any attention and this ” जनयुद्ध “  or the ‘ आन्दोलन ‘  started and what what activities happened , how maoists threatened the people who were misusing their powers and lots more.. . . . .  .

This was the moment when slowly and slowly some of my unanswered questions and queries were being answered . I begun to realize why i was sent to read in India away from my parents and why there had been a bomb blast in the  प्रहरी चौकी near my house  and lots more ………….

This was really a revealing moment for me  . This type of moments when a lot of questions suddenly become answered result in different mental reactions.

I just can’t believe this much things happened when i was small. Just remember those 15000 people who lost their lives .

I can still remember those childish moments . The    प्रहरी चौकी could be seen from my balcony . Our child team had superstition that  if   प्रहरी would shoot us . So, whenever i used to see them i used to hide beside walls watching them roaming here to there and there to here.

And one-day a  big bang was heard at Night and in the morning i could see the blasted building but thank god that all the   प्रहरी  were safe as they had already left that place one or two days ago.

Remains of bombed building


2 Replies to “revealing moment . .”

  1. Aastha, i didn;t knew these all things being your school friend from more than 7 years………. You never said .but you blogged. Thanks for writing. Good writing.

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