arriving winters

TERAI and COLD are two different words but today infact now i am getting the mixture of both of them. What a strange mentallaty we (especially me) have ! When there is Scorching Summer , we expect for Winters and When this be-expectd Winters step towards us (like now) else than enjoying it we start praying for Summer and the Sun !

Lets come out from that world of expectations and Enjoy the ‘arrival of winters’ but this word ‘ENJOY WINTER’ goes to out footnails when we have to ‘WAKE UP’.

‘SCARY’ really its scary when we see the trailer of Cold from our windows. Really it makes us remember the God.

As soon as we come out of blanket we start sh. Sh. Sh. shivering.

See my arriving winter experience . Aastha Chaurasia, to whom people were tired of saying ‘put full sleeves, its cold in morning’ but still could be seen without full sleeve , gazing at others who wore full sleeves and asking them how much cold are you feeling ? Could be seen today in full sleeves today.

‘Side effect of Winter’ she says . ‘Really winters are boring . But i enjoy the late sleep in blankets’ she adds.

Really winters are dangerous since many people die due to unbearable cold of it but if cared we can really enjoy it and get its real taste.

SO, are you ready for WINTERS ?

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