Einstein called the universe “Finite” and Yet “Unbounded”. I think even  our human life is more or less like that. It’s a complex cycle where at a point of time we are spectators, the other moment  actors. Today it was my ACTOR day.

There is a school nearby my home (approximately 15 meter away) which also serves as a SLC examination center. So, from many years I had seen crowd of  students giving SLC exams and dozen of police patrolling around. And maybe it was because of this I was very much excited about the exam, reading each and every news-article and blogpost mentioning SLC in it.

I had formed certain perceptions in my mind. Like SLC is so strict that you are not even allowed to bend your neck and teachers snatch your paper at your slightest attempt to cheat. By now, I well know SLC is not at all like that. It is yet another normal exam just the difference is your papers will not be checked by your schoolteacher but someone else.

First-of-all what I think is by far the most unthinkable part of my SLC exam is that my center was the same neighbourhood school.  I came home and joked mummma you can see me giving SLC from our balcony!  (My room is on the ground floor so it is not visible but my other classmates who are on the first floor can be spotted from  balcony.)

                                                     20 March: The SLC Day
   My classmates had arrived at the center at 7:10 a.m.  The doors would not open before 7:30 so most of them were wandering here and there. My home served as the ‘schoolbag deposit center’ for all my classmates. All of them came and kept their bag on the chair in the first room. I gave them chocolate. Some of them went to balcony and were taking a look of the school.

At 7:30 together we went into the school. You have to pass through a ckecking before you enter the exam hall. Girls were being checked by female teachers and police whereas boys by male teachers and police. (Seriously, many of my friends and even I felt embarassed by the way they were checking. We all were laughing.)

And finally we reached our rooms. Let me tell you something: the benches were too dirty. A pile of dirt had accumulated on each of them. From back one of my classmate asked innocently- Yaar SLC me 3set question paper nhi hote hai n? And we all broke into laughter. (We have 3set questions in CBSE boards.)

Question papers were distributed and exams went peacefully. Honestly,  our CBSE exams are much more strict than the SLC. Our invigilator was a Nepali lady. She was very kind and polite adressing each of us as chhori, nanu , babu etc. All rooms had got the same type of invigilator. SLC only has outward strictness, something else happens inside the classrooms. (I cannot say everything openly. I hope this statement makes you understand everything.)

At last what I can conclude is SLC is just like any other board exam.  People have just overrated it. There is nothing like the paper is very hard or anything similar.  Just read nicely and write nicely and you are sure to get good marks. That’s all. ALL THE BEST EVERYONE!

"Our coaching is the best." "Our Bridge Course  is the best."

“Our coaching is the best.”
“Our Bridge Course is the best.”

The crowed road- all because of SLC.

The crowed road- all because of SLC.

This is my SLC Center.

This is my SLC Center.

Girls wait outside the school.

Girls wait outside the school.

Last but not the least. My school bus.

Last but not the least. My school bus.

New Year : What does it mean to me

Now finally when everyone is shouting “Happy New Year”

Every where -Happy new year

,  I am  silently  sitting   here on-line to find if there is some-one who is like me ?  Every time people shout about ‘Equality’ ..Now where has this equality gone ? If you cannot see all the days equally , then how can you shout for equal rights  ? Read More

Taking autograph from Ramesh Kharel

ramesh kharel

ramesh kharel


Speaking truly when i saw the name of Ramesh Kharel as the chief Guest of our ‘Annual Sports Meet 2011’  i couldn’t believe if really he was going to give ‘Guest – Appearance ‘ in our Sports Day but it was possible as he was the SP of Parsa and our school was located in Bara , so he could give some of his time to my school.


On 7th  December at 7:00 when i was packing up my bag for sports meet  i thought to take my autograph diary saying to myself ‘even if kharel will not sign then also atleast i can entertain my companions by showing all other things wrote in my this diary’.

               Kharel  Arrival

Nobody had any idea when Mr. Kharel will  arrive. There wwere some jokes going-on about Kharel arrrival such as whenever you see row of boleros ,understand kharel has arrived….But i was waiting impatiently. Finally he arrived but Vice Principal was not leaving him alone……He enlightened on the picture of Late Shri Shankar Lal Kedia  and gave his speech but onething that i noticed was instead of saying my school’s name D.A.V. R.B. Kedia school, he was just saying Kedia H.S. School. We performed ‘March-Pass’ to welcome him…


After the March-Pass ,l i and many of my friends had to perform ‘Drill’ and we needed to get a change. We steadily walked onto the first floor and got changed.The time i was changing i heard the speech of Mr. Kharel thanking to all the members for organizing this program.Quickly my brain understood that he was going to leave. I need to change fast otherwise i would miss the autograph. I quickly ran downstairs . But V.P. and Chairman were surrounding him. At a moment i thought ‘AASTHA, tero sapna khalaas’ but god had already planned something for me. Though many of my friends were interested in getting autograph but all went away. I along with one of my companion waited and waited and waited. But all the events were gonna start so we were ordered by one teacher to go our own respective seats. But we wanted to get the autograph and at that we got the chance. He wrote ‘God bless you’ ..and gave  his signature . Tears fell from my eyes and there was big smile on my face . Someone has truly said  “Smile and tears don’t come at once. but when they come they provide the best moments ” so was the moment for me.

known but unexpected. . . . . . . .

Life is really fill of unexpected things…..This is the only reason why LIFE is so strange. As pressed in my old article  “Sometimes  it provide us with such beautiful moments that we never want to forget :-) and sometimes……….such moments that we want to forget but we cant :-( ” but today i can add a new tag there are some moments of life which you know will come  and are finally prepared for its arrival but when it comes suddenly provides an attack  of great sadness….. or happiness……………………

I had experience of both of them…… Sudden sadness, it was something that i didn’t experienced from years but today i got a good dose of it .

GOD , are you listening . . . . . .  I am changing one of my view , ” I bet life tastes too bad when you get only one for a long time”  to Life tastes good when only happiness are in your life basket >>>>>>>>>>


The first day of tuition . .

Date-17 Nov. , Day- Thursday , Time- 8:00 p.m. , Situation-  Aastha sitting  on the bed , nearby is a chair and Aaket as well . To and fro Aastha’s eyes are colliding with the door ! Seems she is waiting for someone . “Aastha ! Sir has arrived ” ,this sound is input-ed by Aastha’s  auditory nerves to the brain. Listening  this a strange smile comes on Aastha’s face which seems a mixture of some-what anxiousness and happiness 😀

Hmm……  I went to open the door . YES , sir has arrived my optical nerves signaled my brain …… “GOOD NIGHT SIR !” being formal i said . YUP…. realized just now its home . I need not to be much formal. (He was one of  the finest  teacher i have ever seen and i had a great respect for him but being loyal to my heart i had never expected to read tuition from him and it had also been for me a long time since i left reading tuition but Now-a-days i realized that i must read tuition at-least for my DLE {District Level EXamination} .

“Aastha ! why you need tuition ?” Sir’s arrival question as per my remembrance was this . ” Sir, just in order to clear my concepts ” I replied. Then i just took off my copy from my bag and asked him to re-teach me the   ‘TOTAL INTERNAL REFLECTION’   . Sir started to teach but my eyes , they were not in a state to believe i am reading with one of my favorite teacher . Again and again they (my eyes) were going at teacher to make me realize.

Today, its the third day of tuition and i swear till now i am not in a state to believe the fact. One of my friend told me , “it happens ” ! . Ya, let it happen …………… i should just take the benefit of it . Isn’t it ? Really, Life

this picture exactly shows my situation when i was doing PHYSIC numerical s during tuition......

this picture exactly shows my situation when i was doing PHYSIC numerical s during tuition……

is full of joy and surprise… Let them come in small portion day by day. this only how i can enjoy the real taste of it.