home to school

Beep Beep Beep ! Oh mummy , bus aa gya , bye ! With keeping my bags on my shoulder i say and wait for mom and dad to say ‘All the Best for school’ to us (me and aaket) and we both reply ,’THANKS’ and leave for school . Now the race begins about who reaches the bus stop first , me , aaket or the bus. Well the winner one of us !

The bus has arrived on the stop . Getting inside it and greeting ‘GOOD MORNING’ to tripathi ma’m who usually sits on first row first seat ,i usually search with my google like eyes into the bus to get where my friends are sitting. Ya, they are there. ‘so friends any happening news ?’ sitting on my ‘reserved’ seat i ask. Most of the time the reply is ‘nthing yaar ! Chal tu hi batta or sometimes they also have a good topic to talk.

NOW starts the school conversation between us .

‘Arre yaar ! Patta hai kal kya hua. . . Bla . Bla . Bla. . . . . . . . . . My topic always differ and their(my friends) . . They are always ossum.

Talking and talikng and talking we dont realise and finally we are in our school compound . No more hindi !DM the danger.



  1. Aaket Chaurasia · November 3, 2011

    oh di ! Don’t you talk about wow in bus ? BTW the most interesting line was ‘now the race begins’ . Did you saw ‘RACE’ movie last time or what ?

    • aasthachaurasia · November 12, 2011

      as per your memory, i watched Ra-ONE last time…. and WOW is not related with you so , be quiet

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