Semi-Schooldays i.e. Extra Classes

I enter inside the school premises carrying a wide smile on my face. My eyeballs are moving here and there,inside the eye socket, to catch a glimpse of any of my classmates. I see two of them standing in the corridor which makes my hands move reflexly making a 180 degree arch.

‘Hello guys’ I yell.

They also move their hands in a way which immediately reminds me of car wipers. Giggling, I advance towards the yellow, two storeyed building where the standard ten students are going to assemble for the next ten days for having extra classes.

I am not sure about others, but I was really happy when I received phone call from my friend confirming the news that we are going to have extra classes. Having spent my vacation doing nothing remarkable except reading three novels (Jane Eyre, 2 states and 14 hours:An Insider’s
Account of the 26/11 Taj Attack), I desperately waited for the day when our extra-classes would start. And 21st october was that be-expected day.

Since we are having the classes in the junior section of our school, so we weren’t taken aback when we saw the room we were going to be taught in. The whole room is full of brightly coloured pictures of birds and animals.I wonder if there are more number of seats or pictures of birds and animals in the room! In the middle of the frontal wall, there is a board. To the right of the board there hangs a picture saying ‘Make Efforts rather than Excuses’. Below the picture there is a poster giving information about good habits. And the list does not end here. Each wall has something hanging on it. (The place where I sit has a tiger.)

Sitting in such a room on the red,yellow,green seats which look so childish is whole lot of fun. You can re-live your childhood. But on the contrary I see my friends have become more mature. Girls(including me too :p) are gossiping more than ever, and boys have started to make much more noise than they did earlier. Still in holiday mood, I guess. And they have all right to be, afterall, extra classes are not just about extra studies but they are about extra fun too. lol.

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  1. vishal · October 27, 2013

    Good words Aastha.

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