Candles Illuminate to Die

A candle illuminates
To stop the darkness unfold
The candle burns
The wax melts
Drops trickle down
Maybe the candle has been purified
Or, fire burnt its goodness away
The exposure is difficult
But every candle knows-
It has to die
Why don’t we devote ourselves for others
And then close our eyes.




  1. prachi · September 29, 2013

    Very beautiful poem. Today’s generation must inclulcate the ability to sacrifice. We have become so self-centered.

  2. Sara · October 1, 2013

    we always devote 4 others aastha……………but no one cares………its the truth of life…:)

    • Aastha · October 1, 2013

      Oh, let those people not care. This may discourage you but shouldn’t stop you from making sacrifices.

  3. agrawalanjali · October 16, 2013

    nice one aastha.

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