The ‘Bold’ Prick

I dreaded needles ever since childhood. No, I wasn’t born with a needle-phobia (well, nobody is!)  but  an incidence in early childhood ( a vaccine which made me almost limp for few days) left me with a fear that stayed with me for the   next  13 years of my life.

I closed  my eyes when I saw someone getting injected on TV. And sometimes even shut my ears, as tightly as possible, just to ensure I didn’t hear the person moan.   

I hid under curtains when I saw doctor in house.

I didn’t consent to visit clinic until my parents promised even if the doctor prescribed injection, they would never force me to take one.

The earliest memory of letting a needle pierce through hypodermis, puncturing vein and letting it  suck my blood like a Dracula dates back to 2006, when I was in standard two. I was there to get my blood group analysed.

As you might have expected I  created a Havoc.

I cried and shouted so loud that half of the people on the floor collected outside the room to know what was going on. 15 minutes of resistance and  finally dad caught my arm and the compounder did his job.

Dad asked me if it did pain and if  I had any residual fears.
‘Yes needles do pain and I still prefer tablets over injection’ I said bluntly.

This incidence certainly lessened the fear but it wasn’t gone.  And 10 years were more than enough for it become more than fear–  an overwhelming phobia !

There was peace in my life until last year when I was prescribed an antibiotic drip.

You can imagine what I must have felt!

I almost fought with doctor ( Is this what they teach you? You can’t force me. This is terrible!) .  But deep inside I knew one-day I have to face it. Why not today? Furthermore,  I had decided to make my career in medicine and I asked myself- Aastha what type of doctor are you going to become? A doctor who herself fears needles!


Needles used in hematology lab for prick

‘Drip experience’ reduced my fear by 80 percent.  And last week, during hematology practicals, when I pierced my fingers myself for Haemoglobin Test,I felt it dropping to 5 percent.

Ofcourse,  the fear tried to resurface. But NOTHING can CHALLENGE a  DETERMINED and CONFIDENT HEART !😀

Infact for the amount of blood I needed  made me prick five times, and I did it with a big smile on my face. The pain was enjoyable and the satisfaction   was priceless. 😄. (Added later : I have learnt the art of pricking , and now single prick is sufficient.)


Needle destroyer

(P.S. -1. Yesterday  I found one of my friends  also had the same horrible experience and still fears the prospect to getting injected.

2.Needles were among the three things I fear the most. Read how I overcame  fear of leading pledge. Now the list has only one to go!  😎)


  1. Prarthna · October 12, 2016

    Nice story. Inspiring. Medical line is more or less about challenging your limits and getting out of comfort zone. All the best!

  2. getting back with ex girlfriend · November 22, 2016

    awesome article

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