Taking autograph from Ramesh Kharel

ramesh kharel

ramesh kharel


Speaking truly when i saw the name of Ramesh Kharel as the chief Guest of our ‘Annual Sports Meet 2011’  i couldn’t believe if really he was going to give ‘Guest – Appearance ‘ in our Sports Day but it was possible as he was the SP of Parsa and our school was located in Bara , so he could give some of his time to my school.


On 7th  December at 7:00 when i was packing up my bag for sports meet  i thought to take my autograph diary saying to myself ‘even if kharel will not sign then also atleast i can entertain my companions by showing all other things wrote in my this diary’.

               Kharel  Arrival

Nobody had any idea when Mr. Kharel will  arrive. There wwere some jokes going-on about Kharel arrrival such as whenever you see row of boleros ,understand kharel has arrived….But i was waiting impatiently. Finally he arrived but Vice Principal was not leaving him alone……He enlightened on the picture of Late Shri Shankar Lal Kedia  and gave his speech but onething that i noticed was instead of saying my school’s name D.A.V. R.B. Kedia school, he was just saying Kedia H.S. School. We performed ‘March-Pass’ to welcome him…


After the March-Pass ,l i and many of my friends had to perform ‘Drill’ and we needed to get a change. We steadily walked onto the first floor and got changed.The time i was changing i heard the speech of Mr. Kharel thanking to all the members for organizing this program.Quickly my brain understood that he was going to leave. I need to change fast otherwise i would miss the autograph. I quickly ran downstairs . But V.P. and Chairman were surrounding him. At a moment i thought ‘AASTHA, tero sapna khalaas’ but god had already planned something for me. Though many of my friends were interested in getting autograph but all went away. I along with one of my companion waited and waited and waited. But all the events were gonna start so we were ordered by one teacher to go our own respective seats. But we wanted to get the autograph and at that we got the chance. He wrote ‘God bless you’ ..and gave  his signature . Tears fell from my eyes and there was big smile on my face . Someone has truly said  “Smile and tears don’t come at once. but when they come they provide the best moments ” so was the moment for me.

from birganj to raxaul

it was not a long journey since it took just 1 hour(it should take half). My journey started at 7:35 am when i left Birganj by autorikshaw . Since it was morning so there were fresh air and somewhat calmness on the roads of birganj. It felt me to snap all these moments-people jogging and on their way to morning walk,some people opening their shops and also i heard sound of bells. Tin tin tin tin

After 15 minutes i was in the bypass road and i could see a long queue of oil tankers and trucks. I started to count them .but when it reached 19 i left and started staring at the green fields(actually i should say brown because most of them were bare)

now i could see the beautiful BIRGANJ GATE. I tried to read the scriptures carved on it. They were the sanskrit shlokas.(as i am a student of sanskrit i was easily able to read and understand the meanings)

Finally i am heading at the National highway of raxaul (Believe me the highway didn’t seemed as if it was on its way. Birganj roads are really better in condition that it). Hark! What the rickshaw driver is saying. Either i have to wait until the crossing is clear or choose the side way. I decied to go from the side way.

From the Indian custom I turned to the side way.(i could notice the changes brought by SP RAMESH KHAREL on custom). OMG but see the condition of these roads. Its too muddy. After sometime the situation became so wrose that he had to pull the rickshaw . It was too boring but a smile arrived at my face when i saw the beautiful lotus.they ape my fauourite. Finally i can see the station.

Picked up my luggage and walked to the station. Now finally i am on the platform waiting for my train. See the train is arriving with a horn . Poo chuk chuk chuk. My train i am coming 🙂