Random Jot


Recent addition in my room

After five and a half days of wild chase, Saturday afternoons feel like blessing.

And right now, standing in balcony, I feel the itch to fetch words hidden in random  corners and glue them all together. 

I know they won’t come without a little effort…but I love Hide and Seek!😁

(Note: Using brains while reading this post is a crime! 😜)



While you look for it in yes-no
I’ll find the answer, baby
Somewhere inbetween 😉

Unanswered Questions . . .

Tears roll down my cheek

Like water flowing in a creek

As the snow of frozen agony melt

There are many people for me ,I felt

To celebrate your absence, I mourn

Tell me mister was mistake had I done ?

I remember with you how special was each moment

But now thinking about you makes me repent !

Seeing me always made you glee

Then why did you abandon me ?

What about the utopian world we made

You said love was there, immanent

One time more to you I wanna meet

To inquire did you really cheat ?

Questions many I asked  to my fate

They didn’t get answered

And all I can do is Wait !!



“Tears are the noble language of eyes, and when true love of words is destitute. The eye by tears speak, while the tongue is mute.”