I came back yesterday night and thenceforth I don’t know how many times I have closed my eyes and wondered if it is a dream. If this is not a dream then my hostel-life must have been a dream, I muse. But both both of the them are reality. Yesterday-night I told mother,”Mummy mujhe vishwaas nhi ho rha ki mai aap dono k saath hu! Kitne din ho gye the aap dono ko dekhe huae.” nh

Guys you have no idea how I have spent all these 5 months, convincing myself few months more,few days more and I will be back home. And you could have imagined my excitement just before I met mom and dad. I was finding it so hard to concentrate in the last class that was zoology. We were being taught about Hydra and its locomotion and I assure you my mind did more somersaults in those 1.5hour long lecture than any hydra can do in its lifetime.

And finally the time arrived. As soon as I saw dad, I hugged him tightly.Mom kissed both my cheeks and I was on seventh heaven. It is almost 24 hours now. I have spent all time talking to my parents about my life in hostel and teaching Aaket. Its fun. But yeah, suddenly I am realizing its all momentary. After 5 days I will have to return back inside what I call ‘My One-room Palace’.  Little-girl-running-to-dad-e1358892443528

Anyways, I like my hostel life too. Its fun. You learn to love study because this is what you have to do all the time. My roomie is amazing as well, almost like my elder sister. All the girls live like a family there. Life in hostel is never bad, just you are surrounded by lots of rules and regulations. Something I forgot to tell you: Yaar the cooks in my hostel cook good food, in fact there are some dishes which they make better than you would get in any hotel. Institute and the teachers are even more amazing.

And finally about the BIG DECISION. I am really happy with the decision I did make. I am in love with medical line and biology. There are so many classes when the teachers are teaching and I am musing Wow, wow, wow. How interesting! Lastly when your passion is your aim and you are ready to put all your efforts in achieving your goal, nothing is impossible. Afterall, A dream doesn’t become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hardwork.”


  1. unsaid words · October 16, 2016

    A dream doesn’t become reality just like that ,true very well.said 🙂 🙂

    • Ayesha · November 5, 2016

      Thank you 🙂 Once you have achieved the goal, every sacrifice seems worth it !

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