Before I disappear

These are my last hours in Birganj and I feel fidgety. As I’m sitting in my room, I realize I will not be here for next six months. Strange feeling it is! 
Yes, a new world of bounded freedom bewaits me in New Delhi. For the first time in my life, I’ll be living in a  hostel. I don’t know who my roomie is, but yeah, I have seen my future ‘One-Room-Palace’.

Now I will be incharge of me and my future. You know what, I am a little unnerved too. I mean yaar I don’t wanna cry, like my friends are doing, but there is no way I can help it too.

Finally the moment has come when I have to discontinue my normal blogging too, since my hostel doesn’t allow me to keep a WAP/GPRS//EDGE/3G enabled phone. But don’t get surprised when you see a new post any Sunday afternoon. (Nobody can stop me from blogging!)

This is the real test of my life, and with my hardwork and determination I am sure to get through it. Time to say bubye guys. 🙂

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