Blast From Past

Two Memories from my School-life that make me Laugh Out Loud, always.

Memory No. 1     
When I was in standard 6, we got a question in our S.St. final examinations:

Who takes care of household chores in your house and what can you do to help them?

Ofcourse, non of us understood what chores meant. Plus, it was a question of HOTS section which means it carried 5 marks. So we had to answer it anyway. (Students can do anything for marks, you already know.)

I went for a clever answer and wrote–my parents. Others wrote similar answers, too. But one of my classmate was successful in making a masterpiece out of this question.

And this is what he wrote:

The Gurkha Troop takes care of household chores in my house. I cannot help them as Gurkha’s are scattered all over the world.

Memory no. 2

This question was asked in first formative test of standard eight :

Why absolute rest is not possible? (Physics, Chapter: Rest and Motion, 2 marks.)

And here is the most brilliant answer that you can ever imagine by my classmate: 

Absolute rest is not possible because even when we are resting, blood flows inside our body and it is in motion.

I tell you, I was laughing all over after reading this answer. Obviously, the student had misinterpreted the question.
But I appreciated him for his deepest thinking.

Seriously, School life and the memories it creates are the best things to cherish.


  1. destinationundefined · April 24, 2014

    I would love to know who the superbrain was. Hope s/he won’t mind.

    • Aastha · April 24, 2014

      The second one? His name was A. Singh. He left school after grade8.

  2. yasha bengani · January 7, 2015

    it is really memorable……….was he anmol pratap singh

    • Aastha · June 1, 2016

      yasha.. u got it right it was really Anmol.. lol

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