Einstein called the universe “Finite” and Yet “Unbounded”. I think even  our human life is more or less like that. It’s a complex cycle where at a point of time we are spectators, the other moment  actors. Today it was my ACTOR day.

There is a school nearby my home (approximately 15 meter away) which also serves as a SLC examination center. So, from many years I had seen crowd of  students giving SLC exams and dozen of police patrolling around. And maybe it was because of this I was very much excited about the exam, reading each and every news-article and blogpost mentioning SLC in it.

I had formed certain perceptions in my mind. Like SLC is so strict that you are not even allowed to bend your neck and teachers snatch your paper at your slightest attempt to cheat. By now, I well know SLC is not at all like that. It is yet another normal exam just the difference is your papers will not be checked by your schoolteacher but someone else.

First-of-all what I think is by far the most unthinkable part of my SLC exam is that my center was the same neighbourhood school.  I came home and joked mummma you can see me giving SLC from our balcony!  (My room is on the ground floor so it is not visible but my other classmates who are on the first floor can be spotted from  balcony.)

                                                     20 March: The SLC Day
   My classmates had arrived at the center at 7:10 a.m.  The doors would not open before 7:30 so most of them were wandering here and there. My home served as the ‘schoolbag deposit center’ for all my classmates. All of them came and kept their bag on the chair in the first room. I gave them chocolate. Some of them went to balcony and were taking a look of the school.

At 7:30 together we went into the school. You have to pass through a ckecking before you enter the exam hall. Girls were being checked by female teachers and police whereas boys by male teachers and police. (Seriously, many of my friends and even I felt embarassed by the way they were checking. We all were laughing.)

And finally we reached our rooms. Let me tell you something: the benches were too dirty. A pile of dirt had accumulated on each of them. From back one of my classmate asked innocently- Yaar SLC me 3set question paper nhi hote hai n? And we all broke into laughter. (We have 3set questions in CBSE boards.)

Question papers were distributed and exams went peacefully. Honestly,  our CBSE exams are much more strict than the SLC. Our invigilator was a Nepali lady. She was very kind and polite adressing each of us as chhori, nanu , babu etc. All rooms had got the same type of invigilator. SLC only has outward strictness, something else happens inside the classrooms. (I cannot say everything openly. I hope this statement makes you understand everything.)

At last what I can conclude is SLC is just like any other board exam.  People have just overrated it. There is nothing like the paper is very hard or anything similar.  Just read nicely and write nicely and you are sure to get good marks. That’s all. ALL THE BEST EVERYONE!

"Our coaching is the best." "Our Bridge Course  is the best."

“Our coaching is the best.”
“Our Bridge Course is the best.”

The crowed road- all because of SLC.

The crowed road- all because of SLC.

This is my SLC Center.

This is my SLC Center.

Girls wait outside the school.

Girls wait outside the school.

Last but not the least. My school bus.

Last but not the least. My school bus.


  1. Reema ghosh · April 8, 2014

    Yar……really had a tremendous experience….anyways….had a lot of fun also……

    • Aastha · April 10, 2014

      Yeah, it was thrilling to give an exam in that manner. ‘Mustandi’…I sometimes remember them and giggle. We are kinda happy-go-lucky, aren’t we? Will remember all those moments fondly.

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