Singular Sensations

The riot was over
The day you extinguished the fire
But the invisible flames remained
To magnify the rhyme of desire.

Drowning in the memories
The starts pretended to twinkle
Yet the abstract rays
Couldn’t help but steadily trickle.

I was trapped in the garden of cracks
Leading to the depth of unknown
Sooner or later I had realize
Nothing can repay for what’s gone.

The ocean is bleeding now
And the colour is no more new
Maybe the ~ship was cremated but
Its heart still beats for you.

(Written this in collaboration with Sachin Prakash, an amazing poet and my classmate, few weeks ago.)

heart still beats for you...

heart still beats for you…

P.S. This blog will receive no new post until March 15, 2014. Wanna devote my whole time and energy to the Board Examination. Pre-board1 going on.

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