My New Year’s Resolutions


Finally this new year, after being influenced by something that I have not yet been able to figure out,  I have decided to take few resolutions. Let me be honest, I am half expecting that I am going to forget these all resolutions within a month and start doing whatever I like but there is no risk in once trying to take few resolutions.

 So here comes my list of resolutions :

1. I will reduce my tendency to waste time on Internet : ( Heheh, I know this is going to be the hardest one.) Internet is my unending source of energy. You guys have no idea, how all of my tiredness of school-hour gets vanished into this World Wide Web. I mean just 10 minutes of surfing and I am fully recharged! But the main problem is I often don’t realize when my 10 minutes turn out to be 100 minutes.(That was not an EXAGGERATION!)  😦 

2: I am not going to cry watching emotional movies : Guys, guys, guys I know this is laughable but ,I admit, I cry while watching sentimental movies. I don’t realize when my eyes turn watery and tears start making their way out the tear duct. One part of me askes to the other part : Aastha, why these tears? Other replies : No idea. Ptna nahi kyon aaye jaa rha hai. Anyways yaar ye dono hero-heroine mean to be with each other. They are true lovers. Why they are being separated ? You know  sometimes it is embarrassing. Like, when you are in theater nobody notices your tears amidst the darkness but as soon as the lights turn on after the interval everyone can see your eyes almost swollen.I TRULY want to get out of this habit of mine.

3: Read Seriously : Yes Aastha, cramming can’t get you anywhere in future. So inculcate the habit of reading regularly.

4. Drink more water: (Mumma, this one for you!) I really drink very less water. My water bottle comes back to home as it goes. Mom is just fed up of this habit of mine.  Mamma now you don’t need to bring water in my room, or keep it on my study table so that I don’t forget to drink, I promise I will remember and drink a glass of water every two hour.

5. No to Daydreaming: Does this one need an explanation ? I am not going to daydream anymore.Aise bhi apni life koi dream se kam thodi n hai !

6. Learn Cooking: Realized you can’t call yourself independent till the moment you depend on someone else for you food. Will work to get over my abhorrence of cooking.


7. No more online friendship: I pledge I am not going befriend someone whom I don’t know in real. Though making new friends is one of my hobby but seeking them online is not at all good. Lot of predators waiting!

8. Do something for upliftment of DAV: This year I really wanna do something for my school. I have plans which I can not divulge right now but when the right time comes I will let everyone know.

These are my 8 resolutions for 2014.Hope I stick to them. What about you? Don’t leave this box wothout telling me yours. I AM ALL EARS! 🙂

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