Overcoming The Fear of Pledge

Right from standard 4, I had dreaded pledge. Its name was enough to change my cheerful face into anxious one, make me diffident and what not. My name was enlisted innumerable times as the Pledger in the morning assembly chart but I always found a trick to dodge the responsibility.

‘Tell me, I will do any work in the morning assembly but please, for the sake of God, don’t assign me to lead the pledge’, I used to say. And luckily, every time my plea would work! I was very sure, if I ever went to do that work, I will forget inbetween. But you know what, the work you fear the most is the one that you get to do in your future. And that time it will not be a matter of choice, it will be compulsion. The same happened with me.

Head Girl and Head Boy are the one who have to head the pledge everyday in the morning assembly and by God’s grace(and the votes of teachers and students) I have become the Head Girl of my School. On the first day of my tenure, I somehow convinced the Head Boy to do the pledge. He agreed. I repeated the same second day too. I knew third day this was not going to work, so I declared : Tomorrow I will lead the pledge. I well knew that it was not going to be easy but someday I have to do that work. So why not tomorrow ?

People say : Tomorrow never comes. I too wished for my tomorrow to not show its appearance . (but) Fortunately or unfortunately, whatever you say, it came. I was really worried. But to my utmost surprise, I did that flawlessly. ‘Yes Aastha, its not a dream. You did it’, I mused. My confidence was back.

Today, it was the turn of Head Boy to head the pledge but I don’t know why they called me. Completely surprised by the annoucement, I went and I lead the pledge with almost no sign of fear on my face or in my voice. I feel so good.I hope I will be able to deal with my other fears similarly.


  1. classmate · July 5, 2013

    Its shocking to see bold girl like you fearing from PLEDGE. I think you have done lot of practice for it. And congrats for being Head Girl.

    • A Teenager · July 20, 2013

      Thanks. Fear is natural to human yaar and I am not an exception.

  2. Yasha and Latika · July 22, 2013

    Everyone have to face their fear. Good to see that you did.

  3. anjali agrawal · August 18, 2013

    Don’t be scared of anything. All the best for the days to come , Head girl.

  4. billgladstone · August 31, 2013

    Meri bhi haalat aisi hi thi…I’d do anything but the pledge, I believe I never did the pledge after maybe 7th(maybe once, when I was school leader), because I was the class leader, and it was my privilege to delegate less enjoyable tasks…Congrats on being head girl

    • Aastha · October 1, 2013

      So, I am not the only creature who feared. Glad to know you did too.

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