Everybody is a genius.

This blogger said exactly the things I had wanted to say : EVERYBODY IS GENIUS !


Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. – Albert Einstein

What does that mean?
Einstein is stating here that he believes everyone has some genius in them. His genius was seeing the world of physics through new eyes. I don’t know if Albert knew how to climb a tree, but I think all of us can understand that tree climbing is not what fish are good at.

Fish are good at swimming, not climbing trees. If you kept telling a fish that it was stupid (presume for a moment that the fish could understand you) because it couldn’t climb a tree, I imagine it would develop some kind of inferiority complex.

But we all have a talent, a spark of genius, somewhere in ourselves. What it might be is unique to…

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Vaccations = lots of fun !

Most of the time, holidays are full of fun. And when you are at your ancestral house, accompanied by your uncle, aunt and cousin, the fun gets magnified to a great extent.

Whole day the only work I do is- to laugh. Whenever three of us are together, I have no idea how the environment turns rejoiceful. Together we play cricket, poker , UNO & much more. And when you get bored by these games, go and roam in the garden.

‘Entertaining’ is not the only work to describle how my vaccations are going. They are at times scary. I have learnt a lesson here that anything doesn’t come for free – not even the beauty of nature. If during the daytime you are enjoying greenery of the garden, then, at night you have to brave the terrifying sound of the insects. God, its really SCARY !

Yesternight was really scary. Not because of those sounds but because of my own super-imaginative mind. I woke up in the midnight. It wasn’t much dark as the night bulb was on. As I advanced towards bathroom, my mind was full of images of ghosts. And no sooner I had reached the door when the door opened on its own. The little heart which resides inside my body was badly scared and it resulted in a reflex action- a loud cry. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Then, I realised that it didn’t open on its own, someone had gone into the bathroom. I began to laught. The person was completely shocked due to my shout. It was kinda ROFL moment.

At night somehow I consoled myself. ‘Aastha, there are no ghost or whatsoever. They are just imagination of mind. But my obstinate heart refused to agree. I knew if I kept on thinking about them all ,then, i was not going to sleep for whole night. So I said to myself : think about every stupid thing that has existed or will exist in this world but please stop thinking about this nonsense. This worked and finally I slept.

In the morning when I woke up, I felt much confident. Maybe while I was sleeping, my heart and mind solved the dispute and of course the winner was brain because everyone knows there are no ghost.

Yesterday, Aaket and Siddhu slept till 9am. I woke up at 7. But then went for a nap from 11am to 1:30 pm. When I woke up, Siddhu said sarcastically ‘Good Morning Di !’ I smiled and said : someone needs speks.

I know, I haven’t blogged from so many days. All the days have been intresting. First, there was a magic show by Gogia Sarkar. His name always reminds me of Golgi apparatus. Show was good but hated the way they commercialised the girls. Afterall girls are much more than dolls which are meant for entertainment. This show was followed by an Inter-School quiz contest organised by DPS Birganj. DAV won. On the day before the commencement of summer vaccations, there was a seminar on positivity by Sanjeev Maheswari. It was intriguing and inspiring but the bitter truth is life is not at all easy as the motivational speakers make us see.

That’s all for today. I hope I will overcome my fear. Well, ‘lets see and watch !’ (It was the magicians dialogue, btw.)