Anne Frank

Anne’s Diary and May 10 in retrospect.

March 10. Finally this date(or an important incident of my life) is celebrating its 1st anniversary. Like others, I am not going to say that it came very fast or it was unbearably slow. The date repeated itself and that’s enough for me.

Well, I don’t want to elongate this post by stating why this date means so much to me. A solitary sentence is enough- that it is the most inspring date for me.

I hadn’t any special plan for this day but maybe someone else had already planned something big for me. My only wish was that I wanted a holiday today. Because I’ll would be more happy to celebrate this day in solitude rather than going to school. Of course, planned absence from School was not a good( and most importantly an appealing) idea. I don’t look forward to it anymore. I am trying my level best to be a meek and sober student.

The biggest surprise came in the form of an announcement that today is strike. I don’t know by whom it was imposed but I welcomed it.

My newly brought Anne Frank‘s ‘The diary of a young girl‘ was right there on the table and it was more than enough for me to acclaim today’s day. Celebrating the day by reading a novel- I know it sounds strange but for book-lovers like me any book is a feast !

What can you expect from a diary of a young girl ? I am asking not just from Anne’s diary but a diary of any common girl. About her crushes ? Her I-am-now-sufficient-for-myself feeling? Feeling of anger and swings of mood? Yeah, that is what you are going to get from that novel if you subtract her entries about the her life in annex and war time experiences.

I rated it 4/5. My impressions before reading the novel was that it became famous because of her account of living as a Jew in a country ruled by an anti-Jewish leader,Hitler. But I bet, you are going to find her relationship and crazy dreams about Peter not less appealing. Personally, I loved a line by Anne’s father : In matters like these, it’s always the man who takes the active role, and its up to the women to set the limits.

Its not a review of that novel so I am refraining myself from writing more about it. The most amazing thing was I was so interested in it that I read it completely in just 8 hours.

Guess what, it was too inspiring. I wish I had read that novel just a year before and things around me would have been much better.

PS – Sorry for such a scrambled post. But, I think y’all have got used to my writing :p