A Teenager Completes One-and-a-half year of blogging

Today is the last day of March. March 31st. And I have a couple of good memories associated with it. Last year this day along with 1st March and April, May 10, 17th September and December 10 were a part of my happy days list. Time passes and things/situation change. So, I don’t have any expectation with these dates this year.

Yesterday, my blog complete 1 and a half year of its birth in this grand blogosphere. I am planning to celebrate its 2nd birthday. Afterall, it’s my brainchild- a creation of my brain ! More or less, this blog has became a diary where I can let my mind free. It happens with everyone, I guess.

As a teenager this journey has really been intresting. You have a lot of things happening around you which you want to share and blogging, I think, is really a good way to express. I remember when we were subjected to 6 hours of meditation, the very first thing that came into my mind was -‘I am surely gonna write about it.’ And, that was the first thing I did right after reaching home. Now, whenever I want to re-live that experience, I read that post.

Talking about teenage bloggers of Nepal, I have really not found many young bloggers despite of hours of Googling. I tried to encourage my friends to blog. Only it was anjali who did. Others, like Saurav, have assured me that he will start one soon. And, there are friends like Sara and Prachi, who don’t plan to blog but frequently visit it. Some juniors were also intrested when I told somewhat about blogging in my morning assembly speech.

Anyways, I am really happy and satisfied with what I have achieved so far. Lastly, I plan to share a lot with you, my blog. 🙂

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