Random Posts…….

These are some of my jots during the period of examination. Had published them somewhere in this blogosphere where no one can read ‘ em all. But today it feels like I should post them here…. (Clicking on the Title will take you to the location where they were originally published)

how it feels…..

‘COMPETITION’ this is the word that I hate the most and I have valid reasons why I’ve a feeling of hatred for it. But I feel like I am a handicapped person who can do nothing. This world runs on Competition, the silly practice. And more than competition what I hate is JUDGING. How can these exams judge anyone. Ok , I totally agree that CBSE’s CCE is a new revolution in education system. But that depends how it’s being implemented. None of the schools want their students get bad grades/marks. I don’t know why but todays education system makes me frustrated. I think how can judge ability of thousands of students on the basis of what they have filled in the ans. sheets in 3hour. Its fine if u want to judge students in that way. Our marks just tells how much ans. we know among the question printed on A4 size paper. Don’t take it as a measure  of our over all knowledge. And always keep in mind , u can NEVER judge a person’s ABILITY by the marks s/he obtains.

keep on studying !!

25 of September, exams , books, notes , projects, grade ,marks……………………………………………..please stop this….its getting on my nerves…..who the hell says CBSE CCE is easy…….its damn HARD !!! 100 times hard than SLC ! Even if u read day and night ,it feels like nothing has entered inside your  brain…….feels as if WW 2 is going on inside our brain. U r having your breakfast and thinking about the Northern Circar and Coramandel coast. Great ! This is what we call  EXAM FEVER !! Best of luck all my friends.. :)
Afterthought : These were my notions just before the exams. Not so sure if they are still the same . Anyways it was fun directing all my anger towards studies on the blog. Actually I love converting my abstract thoughts into black and white . Paper and pen are my  best friends     oops good  friends. More reliable than any other human being. Ya, I am becoming a bit pessimistic. But these are just a stereotype ! I am still an  ever- optimistic soul and I promise myself to be the same .

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