The Proximity

ImageYet another day passed and I am there,the same, with the same confusion in my mind. I know if I don’t act quickly, the notion that I’m  expressing  today ,It’ll remain the same but for god’s sake tell me what should I do ?

Those papers where I have tried to express myself have almost made a pile on the table. I don’t know how many times I’ve just leaned on bed and thinking about you has made my eyes wet ! I just can’t explain …..

Again I was there,on my bed, busy playing with my thoughts, remorsing for what I had done in past and lamenting for you.People ask me why most of the time , I remain trapped inside my room. It’s because whenever I am there,in my utopial world,I feel everything is in perfect agreement  but as soon as I step out, I become a victim of reality .

In due course of time,your memories have became my closest friend, making me feel the proximity of our relationship over and again. Every night I look at the stars and ask myself ,”who is more far from me ?” Is it  you or the stars ?  Of course it is you because you can never  come back. You have died , at least  for me !!

One comment

  1. Sara · February 4, 2013

    mast hai yaar…..but maine joh likhne ka socha tha………..sahi nai laga so nai comment kia

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