climate and cosmos : fun in Geography class

Guess which one i drew ? 1st , 2nd and the 6th one !!!!!

Guess which one i drew ? 1st , 2nd and the 6th one !!!!!

Today, it had been one of the most wonderful day of my life. I almost went mad in Geography class. The problem was that I couldn’t stop my laughter. I spent several minutes laughing until my stomach began to hurt. And can you guess the reason why i laughed a lot ? It was ‘Angry Birds’. Surprised how angry birds in Geo. class ? Keep reading you’ll know !

The chapter to be taught in Geo. class was – CLIMATE . Sir, started the ch. by asking, ‘ what is weather?’ (arey yaar w-e-a-t-h-e-r is weather. Isme puchne wali kya baat hai !) Anjali began by saying the initial words of the defination ‘weather refers to . . . . .’ and I joined her in the middle and told the final words of it. He ordered me to stand and tell. And lo ! As soon as i stood ,my mind went blank. I started laughing. I managed to mumble the defination anyhow. He fired the next question as soon as I answered the first one. ‘What are seasons ?’ (Sir, I know only 1 season and that Hotel is next to Prashanna Apartment! ) I began my answer. ‘Season means. . . .’ This time I spoke in in loud voice . He began explaining the other topics. He drew the pic. of earth and the Sun to make us understand better. I started copying his gesture. Just when he was at the end of his ‘masterpiece’, a question popped inside my mind. I raised my hand but after 1/2 sec. , I put my hands down finding the question trivial. Some of my friends started to laugh. He asked if anything was wrong. I promptly stood and said,’i have a problem.’ I went near the white board and asked him to give me his marker. Taking it in my hand, i began modifying his pic. And after my retouch, the Earth began to look like a spiny fruit. (another masterpiece ! Hahahah ) . My query was solved. With hands on my mouth, in order to stop others from knowing that i was laughing, I returned to my seat. Sir started to teach again.

After 5/7 min. another question started dancing in my mind. And it was related to Universe and Planets- that if any planet would have the shape of a triangle , then is it necessary that its top would be snow-clad ? And what if Mercury had that shape ? Would it the hottest planet then ?. .. There was a volley of question waiting to come out. I was telling my brain,’oye,plz earth k inside ka question nikal n, ye universe me kyon bhage jaa rhe ho?’ This musing made me smile. And again the teacher asked ‘what happen ?’ ‘Altitude.sir, the next topic is altitude’, i said. He was teaching there, and, i was busy in stopping my brain from thinking higher and higher. My this attempt was unsuccessful.

Once again, i rose my hand. And started asking my question one by one. But words refused to come out of my mouth, as i had already burst into laughter. I was laughing like hell. So i didn’t speak. I just took the marker and started to picturize my query. And, when it came about drawing planet of different shape, u know what i drew ? 4/5 planets resembling ‘Angry Birds.’ When i realised what i had made, my laugh had no bound. My classmates were also laughing. Whole classroom resounded with hahah, hihih and heheh !! That was amazing. Afterall that masterpiece was drawn by me, Aastha, and I named it ‘Angry Bird Cosmos’ !!! Hahah 😀

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  1. Aprajeeta · December 21, 2012

    Ya, that geography class was funny. And you made all of us laugh.

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