exams, speech and titles !

I think I should review my privacy setting . But thats a boring task . Plus , most of the time I remain in great confusion about my which post should be made visible to whom. Hyaa…..Leave those topic behind. The last time this privacy setting thing came into mind was friday , not this or the last one, something like 7/8 fridays ago. Actually IT workshop was going on and the IT teacher wanted me too as a participant. He asked me (via one of my friend) that i wanted to participate or not. I was in dilemma , so i gave a ans. that was neither a clear yes nor a complete no. I mean just saying yes is not enough , i have to do that work too. It was great to b part of audience and watch other’s presentations. Well, maybe but in the meantime i began to feel that i must go. So i began to think which topic to choose. After sometime a topic flashed in my mind -about online privacy. So there was a CLEAR yes to him. But I was late ! So my ‘Maha-Speech’ couldn’t take place. I too wanted this ! There is a long story behind….wud b gud if i don’t start. Btw, i have became famous in school as the longest speech giver. Hahah. Quite funny ! There was a day when i had reputation of being ‘most disciplined student of dav’. I don’t know why but i hated that title. Not so sure i still have that title or not. But this one is gud. Credit for discovering this hidden talent inside me goes to AJ. It was autumn house’s turn to conduct morning assembly. The person who had to give speech was absent. So he called me. I went and gave a 5-7 min long speech. I myself had no idea what i was speaking. Watevr came into my mind,that was on my lips ! I spoke from dps-dav fight to ICT board to . . . . . . . . . . . . . .i don’t remember. Leave it!

Anyways my exams have started. Maths nd eng completed. 4 more left. Feels as if am giving boards. Lol. Rest Everything is fine. I had planned to get busy in the world of dreams but couldn’t . The moment aaket told me that my first paper had been postponed , i cheered and slept for about 15 hour at a stretch. Overheared mumma telling to 1 of my frend that ‘aisa soi hai ki mano aaj exams over ho gye ho !’ i burst into laughter. Really, for me ,exams ended even before they started ! LOL .


  1. Prachi · October 4, 2012

    aastha, really u have became famous all over school ! Last time a juniour student came to my house and i inquired whether he knows u or not. And guess what he said ‘whi n jo bahut speech deti hai !’and i couldn’t stop my laughter…bt u should have given one more speech. I wanted to listen ur views about online privacy.

    • aastha · October 12, 2012

      you see yaar i have a valid reason why i was so reluctant to give another speech. Glad to know that u wanted to hear. I’ll surely give one day

  2. sara · October 11, 2012

    Sahi kaha piya she is really a very gud speaker……………………….kya likhai hai yaar… I am impressed a lot

  3. prachi · October 28, 2012

    i am reading this post for the 5th time and now too i feel like saying ,’u r really famous in our scl.’

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