i am sorry for what i am !

Creative Thoughts

Kill me all at once please,
I cannot die every moment.
I am sorry for all I did,
And today, I really repent.

Forgive me for my silence,
For I did not shout aloud.
When I did something good,
And did not get any applaud.

I beg you all for pardon,
As I have been so very silly.
To have put in my heart and soul,
To do everything for everybody.

I am sorry that I did not complain,
When I was in pain and sorrow,
So foolishly I believed that,
I’d be valued and loved tomorrow.

I have been hurt and chided,
Everytime I fought for my right.
So at last I learned to suppress,
My dreams, desires and delight.

Valued and cared for their joy,
For my joy, I searched in theirs.
I cried in solitude when it pained
Because for my tears, who cares?

I am no…

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