wasting one more day of my life !

First-of-all a question to myself – What great I have achieved by not going to school ? Answer should be silence . I woke up at 7 ,late than my usual wake-up time . I well knew that today I am not going to school .I decided that day before yesterday when it was announced that this Friday which means today will be a ‘RAAKHI MAKING COMPETITION’. It sounded me damn boring and I said to my friends ‘Friday ko mera school aana cancel ! ‘

A joke written by my friend.. Was reading it in the noon

Actually it is not so boring competition as I had participated last year .But then too………I wanted to . . .. not to go to school. Also I well knew my parents are not going to tell me anything for this. I WASTED THE DAY ! Usually all of my saturdays are wasted . Actually if I think deeply , I wasted most of my days. I don’t remember last time when I followed my time-table {which is pasted on the one of the wall of my room }. I think I’ve not even given a look at that ! Oh, please don’t assume that I made that time-table to follow . One of the teacher asked us to do so , so i did. May be one or two time , probably before my exams I tried to follow that but the results were horrible . My life goes on better if things such as ‘time-table’ are not there. Actually I don’t have the habit of following them.

So where we were ? Yes , how I wasted my today’s day . As soon as I woke up without even brushing or washing my face,{ thats what I do first on regular days } I opened book and started reading. That book was lying on my bed , beside my pillow . Actually that was not a book but THE OXFORD DICTIONARY. I have simply no idea why I was reading but I wanted to so .That continued probably for 10-15 mins. I was bored so I switched to other activity – reading newspaper which was yestersay’s TKP with as usual political stories in BIG BLACK HEADING on the front page. I had already turned the pages of that paper two times yesterday so it had no element which could appeal me. So this work too stopped.

I went to hall , brushed my teeth and washed my face .When I returned into room , Aaket was doing sit-up or push up whatever .I remembered the novel that I bought from school’s library – a 18 year old book with yellow crinkly pages. I had read 11 out of its 442 pages yesterday and thought to continue it. I was actually not reading but turning its pages and when I was reading the 113th page , aaket asked ‘Isme hai kya ?’ I replied, ‘ Ek fictional story hai. 113 page padhne par itna patta chala hai ki narrator is a girl and she fears with darkness !’ . ‘LOL’ Aaket said. Arey yaar utna bhi toh patta kar liya ye bahot hai…….otherwise aisi boring storing ka toh mai ek line bhi n padhu ! I had turned its pages to check what type of novel it is in lib. before issuing that book. It felt like a love story . But even when I have turned 1/4th of the book the girl is still eighteen and there is nothing such as love in it. {Yesterday i read its last part . It was written that the girl finally marries someone and more blah bhal blah…..Its really a boring novel. Now I’m not gonna even touch it . Last novel which I read , David Copperfield was quite good, far better than this. }

Ok , so I was reading that damn boring novel .Actually what I felt was it should be better than my text books so I was reading it , but I waswrong . Even History’s French Revolution is better and INTERESTING than this.{You should know that i have read the French Revolution’s first page and after reading it I went to sleep. You can imagine how boring it would be ! } Finally I closed that novel and was about to open my physics copy when I was called to have breakfast . And even till now, when I am writing this, I’ve not touched any of my books or copy. I don’t know what I was doing till now maybe reading some amusing artilcles.

So the main point is I’ve wasted my friday .I think i should plan something for evening . Lets see….. Ans yes how can I forget the most important thing ,today i’m not only the one who didn’t went to school , my cool best friend and one of my cool friend didn’t went to school. {as i typed this , I heard the beep-beep of bus. Went in balcony and was waving bye-bye to any of my friend ,if s/he is present in bus. I didn’t see anyone although .} Yesterday they told me in their phone conversation to me. I’m remembering my days before and DLE when I didn’t went to school every alternate day. That was fun. Anyone of my classmate used to call me or post in our group that s/he is not going to school tomorrow and the next day whole class 8 used to be absent . After I came in 9th there were no such activities. But finally today I did.

My application is going to state that I was absent because there was a Puja in my house {that what i think is the best excuse. Saawan is going on. And am sure my Brahman Class teacher will not say anything to me if I make such religious excuse. I have already told dad about my this one excuse. } I can feel that after my FA1 has finished , I’ve not read seriously. First 4-5 days I was busy in writing poems {my poem won both first and second prize in Poem writing competition btw }. And thest days I am busy in faltu stuffs. No matter kuch aur din waste kar lene do , thodi aur masti kr lene do coz ABHI FA2 ME 1 MONTH BAAKI HAI …….. Lol

{p.s. this is my first post that exceeds 1000 words ! ! ! ! ! }


  1. Ur friend · July 28, 2012

    baap re 1000 words ! OMG ayesha ! U wrote an epic !! All of us (even the principle) knew why u didn’t came. Bt fortunately only 8 students were absent so ur this act was not caught. And and and heheheh love story ? From when love storys began to seem boring to u. Anyways a gud article.

    • Ayesha · July 29, 2012

      thanks my friend ,latika . U know n I’m too moody. Mood change bhayo tyasaile boring lagira’ko thiyo ! Mood bhaye French Revolution ni padhn sakchu !!

  2. sara singh · August 2, 2012

    dont waste ur precious time ayesha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HA HA HA

    • Ayesha · August 3, 2012

      really ? Btw , thanks for saving a precious day of my life. Really i would have MISSed something great if you would have not told me that u will go to skul today.:)

  3. Reema Ghosh · August 13, 2012

    same here ! I too wasted my time in the ‘naam ka’ pooja and all…..

  4. prerna priyadarshni · December 14, 2012

    nice but that day was not so boring
    lekin yaar itna kaise type karte ho

    • Aastha Chaurasia · December 15, 2012

      With my fingers. Easy. I try to observe everything around me..and this helps me in both – Maha Speech(es) and Maha Article(s) , like this one. 🙂

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