So Long . . . .

ताजा खबर ! ताजा खबर ! ताजा खबर ! Now I am in 9th. {is that really a breaking news ?}. 9th the Hellish heaven ! It feels you have came to any campus. No any teacher will tell you anything. ALL you have to do is COPY NOTES and do what ever you like. Teachers are teaching , others are laughing. OMM , so boring. And there are your friends who just want to play and one time if you ignore their request तो कभी किसी क मुह फुल जाएगा तो कोइ आँसु काअम्बार लगा देगा . Great. वैसे आज नेपाल बन्द था इसिलिए स्कुल भी बन्द था . I was missing them a lot. Actually I have got addicted of them naa. i WISH नेपाल का बन्द जल्दी बन्द हो जाए . SAB K LIYE WAHI ACHHA HAI .


  1. Prachi · May 14, 2012

    Waah ayesha ! Hellish heaven ! Mai bhi usi me hu. Lets enjoy it together. And yes, I also pray that bandh jaldi stop ho jaye.

    • Aastha Chaurasia · July 23, 2012

      btw prachi check out anjali’s blog. She’s also written something about the hellish life in ix

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