infront of my eyes : the 4 years of getting a friend

I tried but I couldn’t. It is now like a present ‘Universal truth’ for me that it is beyond my capacity. It is not mandatory that this work would always be tagged for me as ‘I can’t’ as it can easily be changed into ‘I can’ but for this either I have to put on my spects or modern eye treatment ‘ZINDABAAD’ !.

Well its not something so serious as my description would have potrayed. I was trying to see something (actually a mosquito ) which was sitting about 4-5 meters away from me , on the top of roof but I couldn’t. I put on my spects and confirmed that blood sucking dracula was sitting out there or my spect-less were right. ‘No , that mosquito is still sitting there’,I got reply from my brain I tried by goggling my eyes but all that was unsuccessful. And finally I realised my limitations- limitation of my eye , my reality which was hidden due to those minus powerd spects.

And , this Jan 29, the day after Sarswati puja , when I was busy solving maths problems, my eyes celebrated the 4th anniversary of getting a friend to which this world calls ‘spectacles’. Before blogging , I took out the keys of my personal diary and turned its pages to know when actually I got these spects. After turning some pages , I found it was Jan 29 2008 and after analysing those 2 ,0,0 and 8 , the only thing that came from my mouth was ,’OMM, 4 years completed !’. Really it doesn’t seem that such a long period has finished , that too infront of my eyes (those spect also reside infront of my eyes. What a co-incidence !) . It seems just a couple of days ago I was @ Kedia Eye Hospital , sitting infront of that eye-checking machine but 4 years/1461 days/35064 hours/2103840 minutes , whatever you say have already finished !

As per my memory , I was the 2nd spectacled or so called ‘chasmis’ of my class. For a couple of days I was called by this name by my pals but soon it stopped as just after 4 days , there was srisha to accompany me as the 3rd ‘chasmis’ of my class. And the another thing in which she accopanied me was in terms of our power – minus-three. Don’t be shocked but it was her reality , my reality or better to say that our reality. The reality that I almost forgot after wearing those spects and realised just now in the upgiven incidence.

Lets forget those incident and switch back to present world. And, you would be shocked to know that now 2/3 rd of my class population is ‘chasmis’. Hmm. . I am not alone na ? Now there are many spectacled around me and maybe the one who is reading this at this very moment is also a chasmis. Lol. :p


  1. Dinesh Wagle · April 1, 2012

    Very nicely done. Enjoyed reading. Keep up expressing.

  2. yasha · July 25, 2012

    nice article

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