DLE , finally over

Some days are exciting, unusual and full of thrill. If I categorize these days in this category , probably I wouldn’t be wrong. At every second there was something going in my mind . But they just came and went. The best thing that DLE gave me was – a period to know myself , the true Aastha that had hidden somewhere . I identified which element of life matters me the most and what actually don’t.

The exam was full of postpones which was irritating. Everytime I used to prepare by reading till late night but most of the morning came with message of exam postponed and all the labour went into vain (?). Was that actually vain ? No, it was a plus point which helped me prepare even better.

I asked to some of my friends about their first DLE experience and the reaction were as follow – Reema : exciting yet dangerous.
Prachi: maza aaya
Srisha : abhi tak dar lag raha hai.
Anjali : bahut study karna tha
and boys ko dekh kar lag raha tha jaise unlog ko tension hi nahi hai.

Leave that all. The main point is I along with thousands of eighters gave DLE, something which comes once in life. Our school is CBSE affilated still DLE , thats something strange. And , yes Bye-bye Nepali. At last 2 suggestion . Nepal should apply grading system like CBSE (gives less pressure) and those JANAK SIKSHA SAMAGRI books need one more revision.

THERE ARE MORE DLE IN LIFE OF MAN. JUST WAITING FOR THEM. But for now i should become book – blinded and look forward to sleep. Didn’t slept well from many days yaar !

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