New Year : What does it mean to me

Now finally when everyone is shouting “Happy New Year”

Every where -Happy new year

,  I am  silently  sitting   here on-line to find if there is some-one who is like me ?  Every time people shout about ‘Equality’ ..Now where has this equality gone ? If you cannot see all the days equally , then how can you shout for equal rights  ?

Today in the morning, I was trying to find out what is there what has changed ? The only thing that i found was change of date. Others including the Sun , my neighbors , my surrounding all have remained the same….

Every where from twitter to facebook and even on this WordPress only 2012 , 2012 is seen .

For me everyday are same  whether you call it festive day or  any else.But never-the-less celebrating any day not any crime . Is IT ?

So finally A very happy new year  to all the dude who read it || >>>>

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