Boring days


Yaar, why these all Saturdays are so boring. Even you have all that free time  for which you pray all these weeks and finally when this be-expected weekend comes you have just  ‘Haaaaa’ coming out from your mouth.

so boringWell , all Saturdays are not boring but some especially this Saturday is so boring. I have a bundle of works to do  but I don’t wanna do. Even today my all-day Favorite song “Bailmos”  can’t re-energize me .What to do ? Every school-day morning is wake up forcefully hoping Saturday is coming. I will definitely take dose of late woke-up on that day. But almost on every saturday morning I wake up before 7. No more drowsiness , then how can i sleep.

Any-ways , there is still a way to  get re-energized – Visit other blog in which people have wrote something about their most boring day . Yeah , you will see that there are people who were more bored than you on any day .


so, YOU CAN READ ALL THOSE RELATED ‘BORING ‘ ARTICLES. And  thank you  very much for reading my boring article.  Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.  Hope you are not bored, “Haaaaaa”.

New Year : What does it mean to me

Now finally when everyone is shouting “Happy New Year”

Every where -Happy new year

,  I am  silently  sitting   here on-line to find if there is some-one who is like me ?  Every time people shout about ‘Equality’ ..Now where has this equality gone ? If you cannot see all the days equally , then how can you shout for equal rights  ? Read More