Unknown Situations . .

Zara was not in  a state to agree with what her brain was trying to signal her.The only thing that was rotating in her mind was the moment when she introduced these ‘non-sense’.But no one had ever expected that a word that brought a smile on her and her friend’s face can once be a reason of  the tears which she could see falling from her eyes drop by drop.She didn’t wanted to stop them [tears} because the ever smiling zara was trying to find herself in these tears…..

Sitting in a place where there was no-one to disturb her , she was trying to remember the past incidents and trying to find how these all started when she did these all.

All she could remember was the moment when very happily she  introduced the word ‘nop’ to recall someone and slowly and slowly all her friends also started calling Mr. X as Mr. Nop . This was done intentionally neither by her friends nor by her, better it was just a way to bring a smile on anyone’s face even in worse condition. But as days passed how this  became a part of her daily activity, she didn’t knew. Yes, one of the reason could be those childish activities like competing with Tamanna on how much each of us watches ‘Nop’ . What this action resulted was  that she got the habit of watching ‘Nop’ again and again.

Everything was going fit and fine except the thing that to make her win  , whenever any of her friend used to see ‘Nop’ the called Zara. Zara enjoyed this game but after some time she quited it finding it ridiculous.

All these were OKAY for her but the matter turned really into worst when she couldn’t remove her eyes from ‘Nop’  . Zara was a studious girl. She couldn’t tolerate anything which comes into the path of her and her studies. Today that pebble was ‘Nop’.  Anyway , all this could be due to that ‘Blue’ color which could have attracted her eyes but SHE WAS WRONG.

Even at night ‘Nop’ played a character in her dreams. She really felt guilty . ‘Nop’ was the one to Zara respected the most and she couldn’t believe that ‘Nop’ was her first crush. But attraction never cares for anyone, any age,. Once it starts to begin its very hard to stop. In this situation her brain was saying ‘NO’ towards this relation . This situation created a poem in her mind.

The brain said , “No”

The heart said “Go”

the brain said, ” your path is right ‘

the heart said ,” it’s just a minor feeling at first sight”

Heart said ,”Dont stop . Go ahead”

Brain said ,”you are wrong ,i bet ”

She was in dilemma . Just when her heart

zara sitting alone

and brain were busy in arguing her cell rang.She picked up the call. The call was from AYesha , one of her best friend..Zara  emptied whole her mind in front of Ayesha.Ayesha suggested Zara To try to quit ‘Noping’ for some days.

Zara also made up her mind to go with her brain.The next day she tried to ignore ‘Nop’ and finally she did.

Her brain said,” Zara, now he is out of sight”

and finally the heart said ,”Sorry girl , The brain was right “


  1. Zoya Maru · December 19, 2011

    Hello aastha ! I came to your site via Googling and read this article. Well , i think this is not ‘just a story’ as its title says but here you have beautifully gave words to all the feelings that come into a girls a mind at a stage. nice try !

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