known but unexpected. . . . . . . .

Life is really fill of unexpected things…..This is the only reason why LIFE is so strange. As pressed in my old article  “Sometimes  it provide us with such beautiful moments that we never want to forget :-) and sometimes……….such moments that we want to forget but we cant :-( ” but today i can add a new tag there are some moments of life which you know will come  and are finally prepared for its arrival but when it comes suddenly provides an attack  of great sadness….. or happiness……………………

I had experience of both of them…… Sudden sadness, it was something that i didn’t experienced from years but today i got a good dose of it .

GOD , are you listening . . . . . .  I am changing one of my view , ” I bet life tastes too bad when you get only one for a long time”  to Life tastes good when only happiness are in your life basket >>>>>>>>>>


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