The first day of tuition . .

Date-17 Nov. , Day- Thursday , Time- 8:00 p.m. , Situation-  Aastha sitting  on the bed , nearby is a chair and Aaket as well . To and fro Aastha’s eyes are colliding with the door ! Seems she is waiting for someone . “Aastha ! Sir has arrived ” ,this sound is input-ed by Aastha’s  auditory nerves to the brain. Listening  this a strange smile comes on Aastha’s face which seems a mixture of some-what anxiousness and happiness 😀

Hmm……  I went to open the door . YES , sir has arrived my optical nerves signaled my brain …… “GOOD NIGHT SIR !” being formal i said . YUP…. realized just now its home . I need not to be much formal. (He was one of  the finest  teacher i have ever seen and i had a great respect for him but being loyal to my heart i had never expected to read tuition from him and it had also been for me a long time since i left reading tuition but Now-a-days i realized that i must read tuition at-least for my DLE {District Level EXamination} .

“Aastha ! why you need tuition ?” Sir’s arrival question as per my remembrance was this . ” Sir, just in order to clear my concepts ” I replied. Then i just took off my copy from my bag and asked him to re-teach me the   ‘TOTAL INTERNAL REFLECTION’   . Sir started to teach but my eyes , they were not in a state to believe i am reading with one of my favorite teacher . Again and again they (my eyes) were going at teacher to make me realize.

Today, its the third day of tuition and i swear till now i am not in a state to believe the fact. One of my friend told me , “it happens ” ! . Ya, let it happen …………… i should just take the benefit of it . Isn’t it ? Really, Life

this picture exactly shows my situation when i was doing PHYSIC numerical s during tuition......

this picture exactly shows my situation when i was doing PHYSIC numerical s during tuition……

is full of joy and surprise… Let them come in small portion day by day. this only how i can enjoy the real taste of it.

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