What do these advertisements want to say ?

Today in the morning when I tuned on F.M. in my mobile, just in order to get updates of world while sleeping, my mood turned into Worst listening “tagline” of a F.M. which was “Its HOT “. Speaking truly, I wondered is there a connection between F.M. and hotness ? In my view, certainly not ! Instead, if they use a tagline that conveys message that the most breaking news is given by it to the people, then people would be more interested in listening to them !

The above mentioned F.M. is not the only exception. If we start exploring we will surely find many.

Here’s another advertisement which I think most of you ,who watch Hindi channels, must have seen . Its the BAJAJ CFL ad . Its just ridiculous! How can a small CFL can be seen from so far ?

YUP, another instance is made by the Indian ad of CLINIC PLUS. I have not been able to understand till now is it the ad of clinic plus or Princess Rupanzel ?

clinc plus

rupanzel and clinic plus

I think, INDIAN TV channels(apart from a few exception) just bother about money and brand rather than what is being broadcast-ed through their channels .

In this context, I must say NEPALI CHANNELS are far better or it can be equally true that Most of Nepali local brands prefer to publicize themselves by F.M. or Newspaper rather than T.V. and few of them who publicize them prefer to make good advertisement rather than wasting money .

YES, I totally agree with the fact that different people have different point of view . Maybe the ad which I dislike the most is one of your favorites . BUT, really making meaningless and ridiculous ad is a WASTE OF TIME and in my context watching them is WASTE OF TIME !

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