the awaited day of this century

the awaited day of this century

The awaited day of this century , the 11/11/2011 has finally arrived and is going to end in a couple of hours. YA, it wasn’t celebrated with pomp and soul like the New Year or Diwali and personally in my views it shouldn’t be , all because days like this , the 11/11/011are interesting and excieting in themselves and they don’t need any ‘Celebration’ to make them special , becaure the pleasure while writing 11/11/011 and the feeling that i am a part of this special day is really more than special.

Just like normal days i woke up at 6:30 a.m. and there was nothing so special except the fact that today is MAUSAMI DUTTA’s birthday and i was already ready with the gift.So nothing to worry .

Again the same bus conversation and finally reached the school. Morning assembly over and then moved into the class . All periods till the recess were gone okay . The fifth period was “PHYSICS” and we studied about ‘EYES AND ITS DEFECT ‘ and this was the first time when i saw all the students listening to the teacher very carefully. This should be also , because out of 21 students of my class 11 use spects . Hmm.. amazing and i am also one of them.

Had “ART COMPETITION” as friday interhouse activity and again back to home. Was really happy because today both of my computer and internet connection were okay.

I was waiting for something unusual to happen when i remembers today is friday and went to read the Newspaper . OH, the i-pod has completed its 10 years .

YA, the 11/11/2011 was not too special for me but in China today 5000 marriages took place. ISn’t that interesting for them ?

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