changing views. . . .

mirror to which i want to tel everything

mirror to which i want to tel everything

Sometimes really i feel like standing infront of Mirror and have argue with myself about the things which the brain agress but the heart does not or the things that my heart fully understood but the arrant brain didn’t.

When i start wondering about the endless stalk of ‘Life Tree’, i really get confused about myself. Even not only myself but my decisions , my expectations , my achievement and many more . It really feels like ‘EVERY GOOD THING I WANT, NOTHING I DONT’. Why is this life saturated with endless expectations ? 🙂

I read many novels , books which deal with ‘how to control our expectations’ but personally i think  expectations are not too bad. Even they help me to perform better. Expecting-Working hard- achieving – celebrating , this chain is queit interesting.

‘QUARRELING WITH MYSELF’ this really helps me to express myself and who can be your best friend than your own image which is just a reflection of yourself.

Actually the thing that bought me to write the above mentioned lines was my anger. I always try to tolerate anyone upto my limit but as soon as the limit becomes crossed, either i blast out all my anger through a huge shout or a soundless cry.

But this is just in the case of anger . Believe me ! You know i celebrate each of happy moments whether they are mine or yours (incase your smile should not be the reason of my tears ). Even my small to small happy incidence i report to my friends. In terms of sharing happiness i am very frank but in terms of sharing my sadness i am really very miser. But slowly and slowly my perceptions are changing.

My face reading tells me that in today’s generation , people become more happy when they hear about someone’s sorrow and become sad when they hear about other’s happiness . But however, i can never hide my emotions whether they are of sadness or happiness 🙂

just a hour ago , my mind was boiling at 222′ degree celsius and i started reading an article and at the end of article i was shouting ‘WOW ! WOW ! WOW ! WOW! WOW! all because to celebrate the author’s happiness. That article made me cool, thanks DW, the author.

Sadness 😦 and happiness 🙂 , they are just two sides of ‘LIFE COIN’ . I bet life tastes too bad when you get only one for a long time and on this matter maybe you also agree. But again my wondering started , ‘Why people only pray for one’s happiness ?’

(NOTE:These are my own views. This is not mandatory people will always agree with my openions. Different people different views. I respect all of them and look forward to hear them)

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