revealing moment . .

Today on 27/11/2011 at 9:28 a.m. when i asked Nepali teacher about ” माओवादी जनयुद्ध ”    and sir started  explaining how Maoists proposed their proposals to  ‘शेर बहादुर देउआ’ but he didn’t gave any attention and this ” जनयुद्ध “  or the ‘ आन्दोलन ‘  started and what what activities happened , how maoists threatened the people who were misusing their powers and lots more.. . . . .  .

This was the moment when slowly and slowly some of my unanswered questions and queries were being answered . I begun to realize why i was sent to read in India away from my parents and why there had been a bomb blast in the  प्रहरी चौकी near my house  and lots more ………….

This was really a revealing moment for me  . This type of moments when a lot of questions suddenly become answered result in different mental reactions.

I just can’t believe this much things happened when i was small. Just remember those 15000 people who lost their lives .

I can still remember those childish moments . The    प्रहरी चौकी could be seen from my balcony . Our child team had superstition that  if   प्रहरी would shoot us . So, whenever i used to see them i used to hide beside walls watching them roaming here to there and there to here.

And one-day a  big bang was heard at Night and in the morning i could see the blasted building but thank god that all the   प्रहरी  were safe as they had already left that place one or two days ago.

Remains of bombed building

Towards patriotism . . .

Whenever i listen  the word ‘NEPAL’ on any Indian News Channel , from any Indian media which are totally {even partially} not related with ‘Nepal‘ the picture of  ‘Museum turned Royal Palace’ comes to my mind.

I have not really been able to understand till now why it comes ? Maybe it is the side effect of Monarchy  rule which was waived in last 2004 or it can be equally true that the word ‘NEPAL’ or  ‘नेपाल ‘ Read More

just a try . . .

After writing a lot of  articles this month , most of them about “LIFE”   i  decided  to quote my feelings in poem and this was just a try to get rid of useless writings and make available my friends something new…………………..  I have no title for this poem . Suggestions for title are welcomed. .  Read More

known but unexpected. . . . . . . .

Life is really fill of unexpected things…..This is the only reason why LIFE is so strange. As pressed in my old article  “Sometimes  it provide us with such beautiful moments that we never want to forget :-) and sometimes……….such moments that we want to forget but we cant :-( ” but today i can add a new tag there are some moments of life which you know will come  and are finally prepared for its arrival but when it comes suddenly provides an attack  of great sadness….. or happiness……………………

I had experience of both of them…… Sudden sadness, it was something that i didn’t experienced from years but today i got a good dose of it .

GOD , are you listening . . . . . .  I am changing one of my view , ” I bet life tastes too bad when you get only one for a long time”  to Life tastes good when only happiness are in your life basket >>>>>>>>>>


The first day of tuition . .

Date-17 Nov. , Day- Thursday , Time- 8:00 p.m. , Situation-  Aastha sitting  on the bed , nearby is a chair and Aaket as well . To and fro Aastha’s eyes are colliding with the door ! Seems she is waiting for someone . “Aastha ! Sir has arrived ” ,this sound is input-ed by Aastha’s  auditory nerves to the brain. Listening  this a strange smile comes on Aastha’s face which seems a mixture of some-what anxiousness and happiness 😀

Hmm……  I went to open the door . YES , sir has arrived my optical nerves signaled my brain …… “GOOD NIGHT SIR !” being formal i said . YUP…. realized just now its home . I need not to be much formal. (He was one of  the finest  teacher i have ever seen and i had a great respect for him but being loyal to my heart i had never expected to read tuition from him and it had also been for me a long time since i left reading tuition but Now-a-days i realized that i must read tuition at-least for my DLE {District Level EXamination} .

“Aastha ! why you need tuition ?” Sir’s arrival question as per my remembrance was this . ” Sir, just in order to clear my concepts ” I replied. Then i just took off my copy from my bag and asked him to re-teach me the   ‘TOTAL INTERNAL REFLECTION’   . Sir started to teach but my eyes , they were not in a state to believe i am reading with one of my favorite teacher . Again and again they (my eyes) were going at teacher to make me realize.

Today, its the third day of tuition and i swear till now i am not in a state to believe the fact. One of my friend told me , “it happens ” ! . Ya, let it happen …………… i should just take the benefit of it . Isn’t it ? Really, Life

this picture exactly shows my situation when i was doing PHYSIC numerical s during tuition......

this picture exactly shows my situation when i was doing PHYSIC numerical s during tuition……

is full of joy and surprise… Let them come in small portion day by day. this only how i can enjoy the real taste of it.