the discovery of WOW

interesting incidence of my life which has bought a small but happy change in my life – the discovery of WOW(it is the english wow but having different meaning)

it was a Thursday of August 011 and the time was 11:05(the recess time). I guess i , prachi , srisha , anjali and Sara were going downstairs to wash our hands. Suddenly Mr. M.S. passed from there. As soon as we saw him we quickly moved towards him asked him something. He replied ‘so you all are very excited about IT. We replied Of course and went on our way.

Suddenly a word ‘WOW’ came out of my mouth (seriously i am researching till now why i spoke that.) . Hearing this from my mouth prachi said , wah ayesha tere liye M.S. Wow kab se ho gaye ? I started smiling and what the conclusion was made was to call M.S. , MR. WOW.

From that day to till now all my classmates call M.S. , Mr. Wow but the strange thing that happened is the person who invented this word i.e. Aastha doesn’t refer M.S. By this name. I found WOW word has more significance than others and i used WOW for another person not M.S. .

Neverthless i don’t have any regret for this incidence but i am happy for the smile and happiness that always comes to my mind remembering wow. Really what i can conclude is SMILE DOESNOT NEED ANY REASON TO COME ON FACE . IT IS A BEAUTIFUL CHAIN WHICH PASSEDS FROM ONE PERSON TO PERSON AND SHOULD BE KEPT PASSING…keep smiling atleast by remembering reasons mentioned above , the wow.

If a single word (wow) can bring a smile on my face then there could be another word which can bring on yours. So keep wondering and searching. This time GOOGLE is not gonna help you. LOL . KEEP SMILING

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