the second day, in views of aastha

Aastha chaurasia , who wrote yesterday that she is going to Aadapur still on 25th october could be seen in matiarwa, a VDC oF bara district of NEPAL. It seem she has just made changes in her plan. Nevertheless, she is having now her green tea prepared by her and is munching GOOD Day biscuits.

‘No further plans except entertainment for today ‘ , aastha replies on my question. She is going now into the garden and heading towards the old mango tree. She says that this tree is about 14 years old and from her childhood she is watching this tree . She used to play swing on its trunks.

The garden seems really beautiful, rich with variety of flowers. All the trees especially the coconut and lichi tree are looking great. After her walk , it  she is back to her studies with nepali holiday homework copy opened. seems she is doing homework.

According to a survey conducted by ‘Aastha today’, Aastha chaurasia is very fond of writing. Whenever she has a leisure time she can be seen busy with a pencil and her rough copy in hand. When it gets completed she tries to publish it on Internet on her Word-press account which she had created in SEPTEMBER, 2011

From 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. She was in her dreams i.e. Sleeping. And she looked very cute during that moment as complimented by her brother aaket. Says aastha ,’it is one of the rare moments to find me sleeping. In fact after a hour  sleep i feel tired.’

she took her lunch which was fried rice . After a moment, she could be seen with a headphone in her ears and her Nokia mobile in her pocket. I couldn’t actually predict the song since i am not a mind reader but with her dance it seemed chammak challo or may be criminal.

So finally at 5p.m. She started to work on her NEPALI PROJECT. Her brother Aaket was busy in watching cricket on t.v.

In a secret interview with ‘Aastha News’ aastha revealed that she watches most of the programs of discovery and Tech Guru {CNBC} on t.v but she is not a t.v. Addict . Better to say that she is Internet addict. LOL

Now she is onto her evening walk. She is going towards the NCELL tower which is nearby her resident. From 1 of the worker she was told that soon Ntc is also going to plant a tower somewhere nearby.

Finally at 8:30 she had her dinner. She seems too excited for tomorrow , the diwali(tihar) day. ‘Good Night. ‘ she said and went to her bed. She is watching the pics snapped by her . Nevertheless, aastha seems satisfied and happy at the end of the day but she is missing her mum who is presently in India. She is also going to India this sat to meet her mum. So, the lights are off and eyes closed. Have sweet dreams aastha.

(note – the aastha today and the aastha news are fake. All other incidence are real) .

Happy diwali

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