the first day of holiday

the day was really ossum with the arrival of sidhu, my uncle’s son or in other word my small bro. No further plan for the day except completing the homeworks, helping other, gossiping n chatting with my friends. I have some  articles. Gonna read it. No more interest in watching t.v. . I am here at matiarwa, a village of Bara district. It is at India Nepal border.Most villager speak bhojpuri. Glad to see that villagers are interested in educating girls. As told by DHRAMSHIELA, a girl of MAtiarwa ‘most of villagers educate their daughter till std 5′. She herself is a student of 4’. I myself visited the only government school which had a computer lab but they are in nonworking condition.
After a night stay here i am looking forward to go to adapur where recently  Nepal  government has recently uprooted one of the pillars.

Till then a bad news, according to an article in BIOLOGY TODAY, Nepal’s capital KATHMANDU is the origin place of typhoid.

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